I hope You'll find my blog useful! I'm looking forward for your comments and ideas!


"Developing Resources for Primary" - Richmond
"English for Primary Teachers" - Oxford
"Passatempos - Inglês" 8-9 anos e 9-10 anos - Porto Editora

These books are very interesting, I'm sure they will help you a lot!


Kids' News - is a new magazine for young children with texts, games, fun activities and a cd. (Mary Glasgow Magazines)

quarta-feira, 4 de julho de 2007


I'll be waiting for your comments and ideas!
Share them with me!

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Anónimo disse...

It's a very nice blog you have here...

MeL disse...

Ana Paula, welcome! This is an excellent idea and we do need to stick together... Our lessons can be better and more interesting if we share what we have learnt so far.


Helena Oliveira disse...

Hello, me again! Can you tell me where you got the Simpson Family Tree? It's fantastic :) I have one from the Teacher's Magazine (you can find it it Bertrand) and it has the family tree from a Freak Family with monsters and all :) You'd love it!

Ana Paula disse...

Hi Helena!
Igot the picture from google. You need to write: simpson family
Then search in "imagens". There are very nice pictures of this family!
THanks for the "Teacher's magazine" tip!

Drei disse...

Hi! i´m glad you share too..we taechers from Minho We rock..lolol.that´s a very good job you have done..
keep going the good work!
kisses Drei

Anónimo disse...

Well done girl!
It's a really nice and useful blog for primary teachers.
Thanks for sharing some interestings stuffs.
Which program do you use to hear the Mp3 songs from the santillana site? because I can´t hear the songs.

ana disse...

Hey Ana!!
Nice blog!! I like it! And it's an excelent idea as we all feel the need to share experiences, ideas and even materials!!
That Teddy Bear song...You could use it while teaching the animals, as Elvis talks about lions and tigers...dunno...just an idea! The only problem would be...Elvis' accent...and he sings too quickly for children to follow! If you ise it, let me know how it all went!

Ana Paula disse...

To hear the songs I use Media Player programme, but your right I can't hear them anymore, I don't know why. I'll try to find out another to way for you to get the songs, they're really great.

Thunder disse...

Nice blog.
I have one too.
Take a look...


And this...



Andreia Videira disse...


Vi a "publicidade" deste blog no (Ca)minha Escola, uma vez que tb estou nas Actividades de TIC no concelho de Caminha.

Como também tenho um blog, resolvi pôr um link do teu no meu também!

Bom trabalho!

drei disse...

Hey there!I come here many time, nice blog! Visit my new blog! big kisses!